Cosmetics- Treatment



Experience close up the extraordinary and effective Beauty-program especially designed for your individual skin type and your personal desires. Indulge your skin with precious, first-class care substances, that will help your skin stay healthy and beautiful.


Enjoy the pleasant peace and relaxation for your body and spirit.


Our beauty program, which derive from Cellbiology, are a combination of plants, vitamins, micro-elements, amino acids, proteins and precious oils.


They are made of 100% from active natural ingredients and will guarantee the optimal result.



We welcome you to the World of Beauty and Well-being, in which each product  in its concentrated form combines ease of care and application.

To optimize your beauty and bring back the radiance of your skin we use the newest technological achievements and develop a care program best fitting your personal needs.

So that your personal and feminine side form a single entity.


We offer large selections of Beauty programs for face, hand and body. Whatever your demands are, you will find the treatment and the care products that will suit your desires.

A health-cocktail as a special treat for your beauty.